Handmade Butterfly Yo-Yo ... Rarest of woods: Exotic Asian Amboyna Burl


Vintage Tom Kuhn No-Jive Sunburst Mandala Yo-Yo: "USA 4th of July"


Handmade Spintop & Storage Box / Stage ... 2021-27


BC "Classic" Imperial YoYo: with one-of-a-kind mods


Vintage Tom Kuhn Jeweled No-Jive "Sunburst" Mandala Yo-Yo


MagicYoyo "Variant", White, modded by YoYoSpin


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Lathe turnings • one at a time • handmade

I make things that spin & go round - things that nobody else makes - eclectic, unique, interesting and always different is what I strive for. Specialties include: Toy Yo-Yos, Spin-Tops, Throw-Tops and Fidget Spinners.