ColorPly Wood Handmade Yo-Yo

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Product Description

Completely handmade, new and never played with, this lathe turned yo-yo is made from no-longer produced and hard to find "ColorPly" laminated and color-dyed African Obeche wood, imported from the Italian manufacturer who is now out of business.

It is a one-piece hybrid imperial shaped fixed axle yo-yo. No glue is used to hold the sides and axle together...a YoYoSpin design trademark. Rubber rings inlaid into the wood help absorb impacts with the floor.

Perfectly balanced, this yo-yo art piece measures about 2.25" x 1.40" and weighs 44 grams (1.6 ounces) with string. Each side looks the same, as shown in the front, back and side views.

For the collector of fine and unusual exotic wooden toys or old school fixed axle yo-yo players. This item is not intended for use by children 3 years of age or younger.

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ColorPly Wood Handmade Yo-Yo ColorPly Wood Handmade Yo-Yo ColorPly Wood Handmade Yo-Yo ColorPly Wood Handmade Yo-Yo

Lathe turnings • one at a time • handmade

I make things that spin & go round - things that nobody else makes - eclectic, unique, interesting and always different is what I strive for. Specialties include: Toy Yo-Yos, Spin-Tops, Throw-Tops and Fidget Spinners.