BC "Rainbow" YoYo, Jeweled by YoYoSpin

$25.00 USD


Product Description

Tom Kuhn/BC ceased production of their wooden yoyos several years ago. I've been stocking up on these collectibles since the 1990's, and offer one-of-a-kind mods and customization with the yoyospin design flair.

This one is a Tom Kuhn/BC fixed axle Rainbow, new/old stock and never played with, probably made in the mid to late 1990's. It has a ring of Swarovski crystals embedded into the wood on each side, as shown in the front and back photos. Includes original manufacturer's packaging, carry pouch, extra string and owner's manual. This item is not intended for use by children 3 years of age or younger.

BC "Rainbow" YoYo, Jeweled by YoYoSpin BC "Rainbow" YoYo, Jeweled by YoYoSpin BC "Rainbow" YoYo, Jeweled by YoYoSpin BC "Rainbow" YoYo, Jeweled by YoYoSpin

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I make things that spin & go round - stuff that nobody else makes - eclectic, unique, interesting and always different is what I strive for. Many of my lathe turnings are made from exotic and hard to find woods, often embellished with Rose Engine turnings, jewels, laminations and encapsulations. Enjoy your visit.