Rare Complete Set Of 5 Different MagicYoYo N10 "Ceramic" Series YoYos - New Condition


Rare YoYoJam NightMoves 4 Yo-Yo, Blue Body, New - Mint Condition


Extremely Rare Black Mamba Blue Angel Yo-Yo, Signed by Company Owner, Mint Condition


Rare Square Wheels Royale YoYo - New, Mint Condition


Tom Kuhn No-Jive Concave Celtic Rings Mandala YoYo...all original


Tom Kuhn No-Jive Concave Celtic Star Mandala YoYo...all original


Lathe turnings • one at a time • handmade

New Product Announcement: Eyewear Carry Pendant / Brooch, by YoYoSpin.

I make things that spin & go round - stuff that nobody else makes - eclectic, unique, interesting and always different is what I strive for. Many of my lathe turnings are made from exotic and hard to find woods, often embellished with Rose Engine turnings, jewels, laminations and encapsulations. Enjoy your visit.