Spider Yo-Yo ... White/Black

$25.00 USD


Product Description

Spider web crackle yo-yo with matching Spider pogs embedded into the wood each side...both sides are branded "YoYoSpin.com". New and never played with. This perfectly balanced vintage yo-yo was manufactured in Sweden by Elfverson & Co sometime between 1968 and 1977 for the Canadian toy market. It is a standard size one-piece (no glue) imperial, modified recently here in my Colorado shop.

YoYoSpin mods include:
- Widening the string-gap for really smooth play
- Sanding and re-painting the body with crackle/spider webbing
- Matching spider pogs embedded into each side
- Each yo-yo in this series is unique and one-of-a-kind

See photos for details. Includes acrylic display stand. This yo-yo is not intended for use by children 3 years of age or younger. Buy two or more items and save on shipping cost.

Spider Yo-Yo ... White/Black Spider Yo-Yo ... White/Black Spider Yo-Yo ... White/Black Spider Yo-Yo ... White/Black

Lathe turnings • one at a time • handmade

I make things that spin & go round - things that nobody else makes - eclectic, unique, interesting and always different is what I strive for. Specialties include: Toy Yo-Yos, Spin-Tops, Throw-Tops and Fidget Spinners.